From the Editor
New Visions, Old Crises
B. Ruby Rich

Vision, Mystery, And Release in The Reverse Field: Bruno Dumont’s L’il Quinquin
James S. Williams

The Act of Remembering, The Xianchang of Recording: The Folk/Minjian Memory Project in China
Angela Zito

The “Trivialist Cinema” of Roy Andersson: An Interview
Megan Ratner

A Sudden Passion
Carlos Adriano’s Sem Titulo #1: Dance of Leitfossil
Scott Macdonald

The Vulnerable Spectator: In the Clouds
Amelie Hastie

Screenings: CCC, The Mexican State Film School
Paul Julian Smith

For/From the Archives
Unsettling the Archive: Tell It Like It Is and the Constitutive Possibilities of Black Film History
Nicholas Forster

Festival Reports
Cannes 2015: The Palm Wore Black
Joan Dupont

The Busan International Film Festival in Crisis Or, What Should a Film Festival Be?
Darae Kim, Dina Iordanova, and Chris Berry

Blu-Ray/DVD Reviews
Passive Resistance: The Deceptive Calm of The Silence of The Sea (Le Silence De La Mer)
Jonathan Kirshner

Page Views
The Digital, the Virtual, and the Possible: Riffing with Homay King on Virtual Memory: Time-Based Media Art and the Dream of Digitality
Regina Longo

Book Reviews
Dana Polan
Off-Screen Cinema: Isidore Isou and the Lettrist Avant-Garde by Kaira M. Cabañas

Catherine Grant
Women’s Cinema World Cinema: Projecting Contemporary Feminisms by Patricia White

Jonathan Rosenbaum
The Writers: A History of American Screenwriters and Their Guild by Miranda J. Banks

Christina Gerhardt
Werner Herzog: Interviews, edited by Eric Ames and Werner Herzog: A Guide for the Perplexed, edited by Paul Cronin

Violet Lucca
Maya Deren: Incomplete Control by Sarah Keller

Phillip Maciak
Closed Circuits: Screening Narrative Surveillance by Garrett Stewart and Surveillance Cinema by Catherine Zimmer

  1. […] The article by the above title, by Chris Berry, Darae Kim and myself, has now appeared in the current issue of FILM QUARTERLY. We are discussing matters of city managerialism and festival intervention by municipal stakeholders in an overall neoliberal climate. We also raise queries related to ethics and cultural management in the festival galaxy. B. Ruby Rich, the editor of Film Quarterly, has also provided further illuminating commentary in her introduction to the issue, which can be found online. […]