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Q: Where do I go to find out about the editorial format and general submission guidelines?
A: Prospective authors are strongly encouraged to visit our submission guidelines before submitting a proposal or work for our consideration.

Q: Who makes up the Film Quarterly Editorial Review Board?

B. Ruby Rich

Associate Editor
Regina Longo

Consulting Editor
Ann Martin

Book Review Editor
Noah Isenberg (e-mail)

Editorial Board
Christine Acham, University of California, Davis
Chris Berry, King’s College London
Leo Braudy, University of Southern California
Richard Dyer, King’s College London
Faye Ginsburg, New York University
Lalitha Gopalan, University of Texas at Austin
Marsha Kinder, University of Southern California
Akira Lippit, University of Southern California
Judith Mayne, Ohio State University (Emerita)
D. A. Miller, University of California, Berkeley
Bill Nichols, San Francisco State University (Emeritus)
Lisa Parks, University of California, Santa Barbara
Robert Stam, New York University
Stephen Teo, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
Amy Villarejo, Cornell University
Patricia White, Swarthmore College
Patricia Zimmermann, Ithaca College

Chief Book Critic
Carrie Rickey

Contributing Editors
Rick Altman
Dudley Andrew
Caetlin Benson-Allott
Matthew H. Bernstein
Natalia Brizuela
Charlotte Brunsdon
Terri Francis
Jane Gaines
Tom Gunning
Amelie Hastie
Charlie Keil
Abé Mark Nornes
Nina Power
Joanna Rapf
Megan Ratner
Vivian Sobchack
Janet Staiger
Garrett Stewart
Paul Thomas
J.M. Tyree
James S. Williams
Emma Wilson